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"Song of the Spokeshave"

Discussion in 'Paddles and Paddle Making' started by Kathryn Klos, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Kathryn Klos

    Kathryn Klos squirrel whisperer

    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
  2. pklonowski

    pklonowski Unrepentant Canoeist

    Outstanding! It's so nice to see truly sharp tools whoosh their way across wood. Thanks, Graham!
  3. Greg Nolan

    Greg Nolan enthusiast

    Very nice -- always instructive to watch an artist at work. Graham Warren, of course, is co-author with David Gidmark of Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own.
  4. Andy Hutyera

    Andy Hutyera The Red Canoe Guy - Life Member

    Love watching good hand tools do their thing in the hands of someone who knows how. Graham ought to include that little video with his great book.
    Kathy, thanks for the link!

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