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Sail Accessory for 1924 Old Town Yankee

Discussion in 'Canoe Sailing' started by Jeff Nicholas, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Jeff Nicholas

    Jeff Nicholas New Member

    I'm trying to find the sail kit for my 16' Yankee canoe. I just purchased at auction, some lee boards in pretty rough shape and a mast with two spars, no tiller. Being a newbie I don't even know if what I bought will fit my canoe, but how often do you find the parts. Can anyone help me with this project? I will need to replicate one of the lee boards as it is badly dry rotted. The wood is light weight, could it be mahogany?
  2. Rick L

    Rick L Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Not sure how often they become available. I had ordered reproduction lee board brackets and a full set of gungeons and pintles for the rudder. And of course no sooner did I buy the repros than I found a complete set of OT sailing parts at an antique show, not cheap but all there except the sail. So now I have to unload the new stuff.

    We go antiquing a lot, and live in a water sport area, and this was the first set I have ever seen for sale. I had planned to make the lee board out of mahogany.
  3. Kathryn Klos

    Kathryn Klos squirrel whisperer

    Post pictures if you'd like others to help figure out if your lee boards are mahogany, or what exactly you have and what you may need.

    Anyone interesed in sailing a canoe would be wise to read Todd Bradshaw's book... if you haven't already seen it:

    There might be some answers for you in that book!

  4. OP
    Jeff Nicholas

    Jeff Nicholas New Member

    I'll get some pics in the morning, and measure the mast & Spars.
  5. OP
    Jeff Nicholas

    Jeff Nicholas New Member

    Computor issues

    I'm having difficulties getting my computer to read my camera card. Bear with me for the pics.

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