While watching paint dry


I am painting a canoe in the back room. We just moved another back to the barn after spending a couple of weeks in the living room, cleaning salt off it from a road trip. I know what your thinking......... and she's taken. Peg is understanding and supportive, she helps work on them, move them, she cleans around them, & loves to paddle them. I'm blessed.

Inspired by the threads on this forum, needing solid period paddles if we're going to show our canoes, and wanting a Valentine/Birthday gift for Peg, I decided to make a paddle while watching paint dry.

A guy up the road deals in figured wood. Using a spokeshave was challenging on the figured cherry I chose. I got bit while working on this one , & look forward to making more.


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Very nice looking paddle and wood, set it in the sun and it will get that "nice old patina" rapidly as cherry is a very UV sensitive wood.