What do you think this cutout was for? (and what size screws for outwales)


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This cutout is on the port side of the canoe right up next to the front seat. Very neatly done. My grandfather did have a 3 horse Evinrude from the immediate post war period. My brother was wondering if was for the mount but I thought it a funny location. Also, what size are the screws that hold on the outwale? I wanted to replace them with new.

My first thought is diamond-head bolts (if this is an Old Town or Carleton) but if only on one side, that wouldn't be the case. Diamond-head bolts would be used for the seats and thwarts and would be on both sides. Maybe someone used them to secure something else (not a factory-thing)?
Should have been more specific. 1927 Old Town CR.The spots for the diamond head bolts are where the bow seat connects. It gives you a reference for the location of the cut out. The angle of the cutout perfectly lines up and matches the bevel on the ribs.