Two Old Town Canoes II

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Thank you for the information, I did notice I made a typo on one serial number my canoe # is 157051 the age tipped me off. Any information will be of great help.


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Old town #157051 was a 16-foot CS (or common sense) HW model canoe built in 1952 and shipped to Princeton, N.J. It had open spruce gunwales and sponsons. The original color was dark green. It was returned damaged, repaired, and apparently resold to a person in Maine. It was again returned for repairs in 1986 by another owner in Maine.

I have attached the original build record, which is a bit hard to read. I hope this is the correct number. If the canoe is not 16 feet, that would mean something. The serial number should have a two-digit number following it that indicates the length of the canoe. I have also attached the repair record on this boat.



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Thank you for this information, this is the right one. I did not know it had been returned for repair but I am getting ready for a new canvas.. Thanks again...