The Canoes of Belle Isle

fred capenos

Canoe Pilot
Hi Kathryn,

Your article about Belle Isle was a nice easy read for an old man with his arm in a sling, sitting in front of the fireplace,while the snow came down. Thank You Mam. And "Happy New Year" to you and yours. Fred

Snow coming down here, too, and the fire in the pellet stove is a-blazin'.

And may this new year be one of "no shoulder pain" for you!

Hi Kathy,

I finally got home and was able to see/read your article that folks previously talked about.

Very nice work. Now there is another place here that I have to go see. :)

Hi Dan,

Glad you liked the article.

Yes, Belle Isle is still very cool... I was amazed to see many of the structures that appear on postcards from 100 years ago. It seemed that the arboretum was the only one of the older buildings that is still used for its original purpose... and it's a real treat. Reminded me of the conservatory at Como Park in St. Paul, if you've been there, only I think it's larger.