Some Questions from an Assembly Rookie

John Sand

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I'm going to my first Assembly next week with a few questions.
Grilling: Can I bring and use my grill? Or a camp stove? I'm staying in a building but hope to cook outside.
Footwear: I wear water shoes or boots to wet board my canoes. What is the bottom of the lake like, and what do you wear?
Selling a canoe: I think it's time to let go of my Tom Hill lapstrake canoe. Can I simply put a for sale sign on it at the Assembly, or is that frowned upon?
Thanks in advance. I probably have more questions, but these are a good start.
Hi John,
I think it will be fine to use a camp stove or grill. Perhaps find an out of the way place to use the grill, so the grilling fumes don't go into other's dorm rooms. The lake bottom is a combination of sand and mucky sediment. I'm a barefoot person myself, but any water shoes will be fine. There will be many canoes for sale at the Assembly. We provide what we call "boat tags", which is a one-page information sheet to fill out with info about your canoe. Choose a white sheet if your canoe is for sale, or a yellow sheet that means "for show only". When you arrive at the Assembly, we will be there to answer questions too. See you soon! Annie Burke
Hi John. As Annie says, the beach is mostly sandy so will be fine. There is also the dock/jetty which is pretty straightforward. See you there. I fly in from the UK on Sunday