Very interesting and intriguing 'canoe-type' item. Thanks for pointing it out.

I have to say that, while I have collected a great many model canoe-like pieces in my time, I have never yet seen anything quite like this. Looks to be a type of native-made, canoe-shaped basket of sorts. The decorations and construction are interesting. I have owned Mi'kmaq bark canoes with quill decoration and Salish (nwc) canoe baskets woven of sweet grass with imbricated designs, but this is unlike any of those. I'm going to ask one of my Metis friends for his opinion.

I may be offering a couple of Salish canoe baskets on eBay shortly.

I consulted my friend who, as I said, is of part native cultural heritage, and also, incidentally, has sold antiques for many years. Here's what he said:

"It's Ojibwa or possibly Cree, the flowers of that style were used by both; sweet grass, not reed, and birch bark for the bottom. Pretty much toast though, not worth much, a tourist piece. That loopy edging was done more out west by the Salish, but also on the east coast by the anishnabe (Algonkian linguistic group)."

Sounds reasonable to me. Hope it helps with your decision.