Page Brand Paddles


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I'm looking for a decent photo of a intact Page Brand Paddle decal. I have a set of Page oars and have seen several Page paddles but none with an intact decal. I'm sure someone in the WCHA has one.

Thanks in advance.

Page Brand.jpg

This may be too late to be helpful, and perhaps not as intact as you'd like? I have a Page Brand paddle with a partial decal, but this image is off the internet.
If you're going to get some reproduced, I'd be interested in one... and be happy to help with the cost.
Did anyone here ever have Page Brand decals made? My Dad found this paddle in the barn. We're going to leave it as-is, but I took a pattern from it and plan to make copies. A waterslide decal would be a nice touch.
This paddle appears to be spruce, 60" long, 1 lb 11 oz, 1 3/16" round shaft. It was broken and repaired with a brass strap screwed to one side of the shaft and then wrapped with some type of tape. It was used after the repair, evidenced by wear on the tape.
Another interesting feature is that one side of the blade is almost dead flat, the other side tapers from the center to the edge. I'm not sure if it was a mistake or intentionally made this way.
Anyway, neat old paddle, shame it was broken.