Original parts for Oldtown Sailing Canoe

Kirk Cammarata

New Member
Hi All, I have some parts to an Oldtown Sailing Canoe that I would like to see go to a good home to help preserve the heritage.

The original parts: (the "I thinks" are because I haven't looked at for a while)
- Sail attached to the two poles of the V-shaped assembly (sorry for not knowing the terminology here); sail has a lot of small holes so probably not usable except to use for the wood parts and a sail pattern)
- Rudder (the assembly I think)
- Daggerboard or Leeboard assembly (bracket that goes across gunwhales and two boards-I think)
- Seat w/back (wood and metal)
The story behind it:
My grandfather's sportsman's club (Izaak Walton League) used it on their Chesapeake Bay property just south of Baltimore in early 60's. I have no recollection of it, but my cousin & Mom remember it; It was apparently "old" back then). It was an Oldtown with wood ribs and canvas. The canoe was stolen w/o the sailing rig parts. These parts eventually passed to me. I love paddling (canoeing, canoe-camping and whitewater kayaking) since late 70's though I've never had the pleasure of paddling a wooden boat. I know it would be a great honor to my grandfather to see these parts used towards restorations.

Logistics may be problematic, but not impossible. Parts are with me in Corpus Christi TX; but I do occasionally visit family in Maryland (but I don't usually drive).

Contact me at kirk.cammarata@tamucc.edu if interested. THX!