New WCHA Burgee

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
A new WCHA burgee will make its initial appearance at the 2016 Annual Assembly, and afterward in the online store. Image of the new burgee is attached below. The older version will be on sale for $10.

Items carried in the WCHA Online Store are available each year at the Annual Assembly, often at a reduced price. Several close-out items will be available at greater savings.

The following is a list of some close-out items available this year at Paul Smith's:

WCHA Coasters 4 for $1
Notecards with envelopes with image of Morris Canoe $2 per package
Previous years' Assembly tee-shirt, through 2015, men's and ladies) $5 each
Red Old Town tee-shirt $5
Assembly pins, previous years, through 2015, $3 each
Lanyards $3
WCHA car window decal $2
Ladies long sleeve denim shirts $15
Men's short sleeve denim shirts $15
Lunch or 6-pack Coolers for day tripping $10
2016 wall calendar $2
Selective books - priced as marked
Old Version Burgees $10
Canoe catalog reprints $2-$5
Signed/numbered prints, canoescape $5



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