New Video: 18ft Penobscot Birchbark Ocean Canoe

Murat V

LOVES Wooden Canoes
Just came across this newly uploaded video (52 min) called "Agwiden" showcasing an 18 foot birchbark canoe build. The footage seems to be from 2002. Steve Cayard was the builder invited to the Penobscot Nation to help construct the 1st bark canoe there in over 60 years. Lots of closeups of the build technique. Learned some new things about bark canoe construction. I found the standing bark harvesting method very need to haul a ladder into the bush!

Can't seem to embed the video due to restrictions by the film-maker, but here is the link for viewing...


This was really great. Wonderful to see the laborious process in detail, resulting in such a beautiful work of art, and I was moved by ceremony in the end. Excellent. Thank you for sharing.