New Hampshire Boat Museum's new courting canoe exhibit

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Several canoes were moved from storage to the New Hampshire Boat Museum yesterday so they can start building their new exhibit of courting canoes. The maroon Robertson and green Morris are a great start.


1710258007981.png more room on the calendar, BUT ? I think the Maroon boat came from Dave and I think it is a very early example of the courter from the Boston area. Five boards to a side , a little round and very fast she is. It was my first gold leaf job and came out very well. much so that a professional said when I asked him to come by for maybe a shield job for my Bluebell he said , Dave you don't need me. And as Jackie Gleason said...." and away we go ! " Wow, I would really like to make the trip with Alden Kingsbury's courter behind.
Hi Benson,
Better late than never....not. You asked how I came on the date for the Boston boat. I'm not sure , but I think this was the boat that had some pencil note on the bow with the date. It was one of the first boats I restored and too long ago in '99. I think it is earlier given the planking, but not enough to make any comparisons. It is narrow and fast and I loved it. And the canvas was gone when I took it . The boat required most everything that I would later need in experience to get to the other boats acquired at the time....rushtons, whites, old towns , a chestnut.
Hope to see you soon. Regards, Dave
Reed has kindly shared some pictures of this exhibit as shown below. It will be open to the public in a few days.





Where are the courting canoes?

They wanted to only use canoes from their collection so this was as close as they could get. Arguably, almost any canoe can be used for courting,

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