mystery craft - met on the way to assembly


Canoe anybody?
On the way up to Assembly, I stayed with some friends who showed me an old wooden craft that is hanging in their garage. It came from the family cabin in Maine, but there doesn't seem to be any identifying tags. There pictures aren't the best because we didn't have time to pull it down for a good picture session, but any suggestions would be appreciated.


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My guess is a Canadian canoe. There are usually identification tags on the outside of the canoe where the thwarts are attached. Good luck,



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Millie, That canoe has many of the same characteristics as one that I brought to Assembly in 2012 or 3. It also had no identifying marks. I've always called it a Peterborough, possibly Champlain model, but others thought maybe a Wm English model 20. 16' rather round bottom, a fast canoe. Mine was also painted dark red, but I finished it in orange. Decks & floorboards are original. It had no seats, but chocks remained, so either a seat or board was once there. Not much help to you, but a place to start looking. Dick Persson needs to see this one. Tom McCloud


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Yeah, I was thinking it looked like a Champlain I once sold at Assembly. I think I owned it for about 5 days...