Maine Canoe Companies and the Race to the North Pole

Benson Gray

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The race to the North Pole was big news in the early 1900s and two Maine canoe companies helped. The first article below from April 24th, 1903 describes a sectional canoe that was made by the Old Town Canoe Company for the Zeigler Expedition of 1903-1905. This attempt to reach the pole is described at in more detail. It also dates the pictures shown at which were the basis for the drawings in the article.

Robert Peary also made some polar expeditions during this era and is generally credited as being the first one to successfully reach the pole area. See for more about this. The second article below from June 17th, 1905 conforms that Peary purchased three customized bateaux from the Carleton Canoe Company to help him reach the pole.



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