Loonworks finish?


Unrepentant Canoeist
I have a Loonworks canoe in my shop for minor scratches on the gunnels. I'm pretty sure Tom MacKenzie used Epiphanes varnish, and it's a satin finish, but I'm wondering about the specific product he used? Seems there are more than one variety of Epiphanes Satin/Matte. Or, how much does it matter?

Many thanks ahead of time!
I am not aware of more than one type? If I use matte I always start with multiple coats of Epifanes gloss and then finish with matte.
That process sounds familiar.

As for the different products, I think what I'm looking at is all the same product, in different languages. That's not something I've seen before.

Thank you!
Loonworks canoes are beautifully finished. You are properly focusing on getting the details right..