John Kilbridge, Temagami Canoe Co.

Mrs K

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Does anyone know how I may contact John Kilbridge? I’m seeking information about two Temagami canoes I have. John did work on one (I think) in the ‘80s. I’d like to verify details with him but have been unsuccessful in contacting him with the email and phone # on line.
I was just learning about him and Temagami Canoe Co the other day and I stumbled across contact info online. Phone (705) 569-3777 or email is what I saw. Best of luck
Paul, thank you. That’s very kind of you. Unfortunately that is the email and phone number I used. The email bounced back and the phone number is no longer in service.
Curious to know what made you learn about Temagami canoes. ?
Oh that is unfortunate, sorry to hear. Perhaps reaching out to another well-known local business, nearby where John's shop is located, may better results...

I came across a video of John and was interested in the old techniques and methods he used. His shop, in the video I saw was impressively old yet functional. Fascinating