Indian Summer on Fairhaven Bay


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We had a beautiful day here in eastern Massachusetts. Nearly 70 degrees F and no wind. We could have raked leaves this afternoon, but son Brendan and I agreed that raking made no sense now since the maples and oaks were holding out. So what else is there to do but go for a paddle?

We ventured out onto the Sudbury River, which is still very high after a wet fall. Attached is a picture of the foliage on Fairhaven Bay, a wide spot in the Sudbury River and favorite haunt of Thoreau.


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A Classic Photo...

What a great shot... The photo passes "the rule of thirds" which is probably why it is so striking BUT, the reaction I got when I looked at it was "does he know what a short period of time he has until Brendan is grown and gone?" Enjoy the photo as it tells a beautiful story...
Didn't we have a great day yesterday. Melissa and I went for a late afternoon paddle on the Nashua River. Didn't get started until after 3:30, so we didn't have long before the sun was gone, but the paddling conditions were awesome. We paddled up to Rte 2A and had a quick float back down to Groton School. The water was high. This was what I had in mind when I volunteered to host a paddle on the Nashua with the Norumbega Chapter last January. Regretfully, I have spent most of today packing up and stowing the canoe and camping gear.
Fitz - I echo Woodchucks comments. The real beauty of the photo is that you are sharing a special moment with your son. Enjoy and thanks for sharing with us.