Holy Mother of Outwale


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
So I just finished my first attempt at some home made outwahles. Everything went great until I tried making the grove in the back (I’m sure there is a fancy name for this, however, I don’t know it). I tried doing it in two passes on the router, however my bit started sliding up and down, though it was secured in the shaft; so very strange.

Anyways I figured I might ask how some others have been making them before I trash another piece of ash. Router, dato, some method unknown to me? I also have a feeling i should have cut the back side out first?

Thanks in advance;
Robert Brown

I'd do it on my tablesaw. That way you can get the angle of the rabbett as well as the depth and hold it without fear of slippage. Make sure you use a featherboard which will keep it up against the fence. I think the process is described in Jerry Stelmok's book.