Charles River-area canoes: C.P. Nutting & Co.

Michael Grace

Lifetime Member
C.P. Nutting & Co.

Distinguishing features of 16’ canoe in very good unrestored condition

- tag (duh!)
- untapered ribs (like many other Charles River-area canoes)
- thwart (one in 16’ canoe): narrow birdseye maple, thinned to the middle from one side only
- gunwale underside edges chamfered (makes them look more delicate and reduces weight)
- chamfered gunwales transition to full square cross-sections at seat and thwart mounting points
- top lateral edges of stems are chamfered (like many other Charles River-area canoes)
- seats hand-caned in 3-over, 3-under style, not through holes but around seat frames
- seats mounted directly under gunwale
- no serial number on stem

Note: there are other short-decked Nuttings with deck profiles that differ from this one.


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