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Below are images of a wood canoe, 16 ft long, constructed of 3 ply marine mahogany finished with varnish. The painted decoration appears to be factory done. Brass screws on the gunwales. Appears to be similar construction to a Haskell but different in many ways. No company decals or mfr. plates anywhere. Thanks, brant


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Interesting cane pattern on the seat-- appears to be a simple pattern using the wide binder alone.

You might want to check out recent posts on Plycraft canoes, where the molded canoes (other brands too) have been discussed.

Very pretty!
canoe id

Hi brant.

All the Haskell's I have seen have had molded seats, not cane as your is. It is a beautiful canoe. These guys are experts here. They will get you the information you need.

metal tag found

Hi, Under the center thwart I found a metal tag today on this mystery canoe. It is diamond shaped nickel coated brass with the markings: OB 0139
Does this help anyone make a positive ID?
Thanks to Michael Grace, I was linked to your post. After seeing the photos of your canoe, I'm positive I have the same canoe (see my recent post). Were you successful in identifying the manufacturer? if so, I would appreciate any info you could share with me.
Thanks, Marvin
I have the page for the Sears catalog some where but haven't found it yet.

These canoes were imported and sold by Sears in the 1960's. I think they came from Sweden or Scandinavia.

I know someone in the Chicago area that has one.

Looks good,

I found it.

It appears as if they sold it under the Elgin brand. Elgin made a large number of small outboard motors and a few small boats.

I doubt they manufactured this canoe, most likely they imported it.


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"Elgin" was the brand name used by Sears for the boats, outboard motors, and boat trailers that they sold. And apparently canoes. Sears did NOT make any of these products. They bought them from manufacturers and had them badged with the Elgin name. They would change sources all the time.

Montgomery Wards did the same thing and used the "Sea King" brand name. Western Auto Stores had the "Wizard" line. Gambles sold outboard motor under the ??? brand name.

Thank you all for helping identify my canoe. The page out of the Sears catalog is particularly informative.
This boat and those similar with the inside keelson were built by many builders with hull halves suppleid by US Plwood. US Plywood sold the molded halves and the builder would put them together, add the trim (gunnels, seats, thwarts, decks...), paint varnish and sell them. They came with a variety of Names of manufacter but the molded hulls were all the same. They were available in a couple of sizes. I have an ad from US Plywood in my collection.
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