Brotherly Love


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
In Memoriam
My younger brother runs a fly fishing shop. I recently poked some fun at him...Thought I would post this letter I wrote to him for a chuckle.:D

Dear Sirs:

Thank you very much for sending my son Brendan a copy of your latest catalogue. I cannot but hope for your continued success in your new endeavor.

However, I absolutely must take issue with your choice of CANOE on the cover artwork!!!!!! Here you are, the BROTHER of an absolute crazed Wooden Canoe ADDICT and you choose to put a watercolor rendering of a PLASTIC CANOE on your catalogue!!!!!!

I will admit it has the fine lines of a E.M. White Guide - however, I think that is only because the artist took poetic license!!! No plastic canoe that I know of actually bothers to come close to having those kind of lines!!!

All I can ask is that you please use some discretion in your choice of cover artwork in the future. Bleach bottles do nothing to advance your fine traditional sport.

Sincerely yours,

John P. Fitzgerald