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Wooden Canoe Journal Backissue Index

Discussion in 'WCHA Website Suggestions' started by martin ferwerda, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. martin ferwerda

    martin ferwerda LOVES Wooden Canoes

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    These are not likely to come back any time soon since that database was lost. We hope to get them recreated as part of the archive project as described at so they will return eventually.

  3. Giiwedin

    Giiwedin Gouvernail

    WCJ Back Issue index

    Is there an index for WCJ Issues 79 and later? The back issue index at cuts off at 78.

    I didn't find one on the WC Archives CD either.
  4. Benson Gray

    Benson Gray Canoe History Enthusiast Staff Member

    The index at was created manually so it is not likely to be updated unless someone wants to volunteer. The Wooden Canoe Journal Archive CDs actually contain three Adobe full text indexes as described in the readme.txt file and shown below.

    The Adobe .pdx files can be a bit confusing at first but very powerful. These enable you to search for a single word or phrase in each CD with CD-1.pdx or CD-2.pdx and in all issues if you use WCJ.pdx. The best way to use the WCJ.pdx file is to copy all of the files from both CDs to a single folder on your hard disk if you have enough free space. You can open these .pdx files by double clicking on one from your Windows Explorer (after an Adobe reader has been installed). The cleaner but more involved option is to open the Adobe Reader, Select Edit | Search | Use Advanced Search
    Options, then expand the Look In box and choose the Select Index option. This opens a Index selection window that has an Add button that will let you add the .pdx indexes that you wish to use for searching and selection from
    the Search PDF option.

    There is also a master-index.htm which is an HTML or web browser based based interface to the individual .PDF files on both CDs if you have copied the contents of both CDs to a single folder on your hard disk.

    Feel free to reply here if this doesn't answer your question.

  5. Giiwedin

    Giiwedin Gouvernail

    Thanks, Benson, I'll give it a try.

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