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Rhinelander Boat Company

Discussion in 'Wood Canoe Manufacturers' started by Dan Miller, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    [H=1]Rhinelander Boat Company[/H]

    The Rhinelander Boat Company of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, was incorporated in 1903. They built four models of canoes, some based on the B.N. Morris Canoe Company model, until about 1946

    [H=2]Canoe Identification[/H]

    Rhinelander canoes are most easily identified by their splayed stem which flares to about 2-1/2" inboard. While superficially similar to the splayed stem used by the [manufacturers]B.N. Morris Canoe Company[/manufacturers], the Rhinelander stem is much more rounded at the inboard end, and is made of oak or ash, rather than cedar as used by Morris.

    Half ribs, when present, fill the entire space between full ribs. Then ends are not covered with a stringer as is typical of other Wisconsin manufacturers such as [manufacturers]Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing Company[/manufacturers] and [manufacturers]Shell Lake Boat Company[/manufacturers]

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