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Norumbega Chapter has another project canoe

Discussion in 'Wooden Canoe Events' started by Steve Lapey, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Steve Lapey

    Steve Lapey LOVES Wooden Canoes

    The Norumbega Chapter has started work on a circa 1930 Robertson. It will be restored and donated to the WCHA, to be auctioned or raffled at the 2015 Assembly.

    On Saturday, March 22nd nine Chapter members gathered in my small shop and spent half a day scarfing in new inwale ends and stem tips.

    Other sessions will be scheduled in the future so as many members as possible can get some hands-on time in on this project.

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  2. Fitz

    Fitz Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    Robertson Shop Session Two.

    Another shop session was held yesterday. The ends are now repaired, seats and thwart repaired and new planking was milled.

    A new discovery of sorts was also identified. Robertson stamped a portion of the serial number on the underside of the seats and thwart. The serial number for the canoe is 420 35 16. The "420" was stamped on the seats and thwart.


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