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Looking for paint advice

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by Tom Wiarda, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Splinter

    Splinter Wood Girl #1186

    Yikes ! ! !

    $74.00 is seriously out of range. What with recent personal economic constraints, I must say this would equal my food budget for about 5 months. Not going to happen. :(
  2. Splinter

    Splinter Wood Girl #1186

    Have you been helped?

    Just curious if this has helped answer your question and helped you move forward with your project.
  3. Andre Cloutier

    Andre Cloutier Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.

  4. Splinter

    Splinter Wood Girl #1186


    Thanks for the link. I just ordered 6 of these pipes. I'll include one with each toque in the future.
  5. Michael Grace

    Michael Grace Lifetime Member

    I’ve avoided responding, and perhaps still shouldn’t, but it's unpleasant to see flame wars erupt on what’s otherwise a generally congenial set of forums. Sorry Margaret and Andre... I imagine that you're trying to steer the conversation away from this (thanks!), but... Like our long-term members, our newer members can certainly have much to offer, and their opinions shouldn’t be judged necessarily by the brevity of their posts or by the fact they have posted fewer questions and responses on this or other forums (do people really count their posts?!). Please understand that I don’t know personally either Victor or Todd.

    Perhaps the problem with the original response was the word “dilute”. I think (and always did) that Victor meant “thin”. And I took “dilute as you should” not to mean that you must dilute, but rather that you can and perhaps should thin a bit to get good performance, just as Todd rightly states. Maybe a poor or simply a quick choice of words, but not enough to come under attack, it would seem.

    “Dilute as you should” if taken the way I took it, includes no thinning at all, and a quart of un-thinned marine paint will certainly cover a 16’ canoe at least once. An average 16’ canoe probably has a surface of about 40 square feet, and a can of marine paint will probably cover on average 150 square feet (Petit Easypoxy actually says 600 sq. ft., but I don’t think so!). Thus even with a zero “dilution”, Victor correctly answers the question with his response that “a quart will do more than 1 coat”.

    As for following manufacturer’s instructions, of course that should be the starting point, but many people have posted many variations on manufacturer’s recommendations without being attacked. In fact, I checked my various primers and nowhere could I find instructions to add paint to primer (see post above advocating the coloring of primer while at the same time arguing that manufacturers' instructions should be followed). Yes, primer does get colored in practice, but the instructions on the can neither say that it should be done nor say that it can be done.

    Finally, name-calling… I don’t see the utility, but I understand the frustration. But how about being consistent? Calling someone “childish” and “dull”, even if not explicitly, is still name-calling.

    Bottom line- civility, please! I personally hope that both Victor and Todd continue to post. Certainly Todd has much good advice to offer, and those who may have less practical experience (but then Victor could be a quiet expert!) shouldn’t be driven away because of simple mistakes of verbage. Haven’t we all done that? I certainly have… probably even in this post. So off of the soapbox, for fear of raising more ire.

  6. Splinter

    Splinter Wood Girl #1186

    The voice of Sanity and Reason

    Thank you for that Michael. I like it that we have forums. (Websters 3. an assembly for the discussion of questions of public interest) While throwing out there that which we know by published material or personal experience for personal consideration by others whether casually or in great detail one might observe that it is all subjective. The nuances of particular words and their inclusion and exlusion makes it all RIGHT within a millimeter of each other. By some opinion, both are correct or one might be more correct than the other but, both remain correct. It would be good if the forum were not a competition for who is more right. In a race for first place, they can both see each other. A wise man said, "Speak your peace and release your emotional tie from those words as you stow your spear, step back to respectfully allow without judgement the next speaker in line."

    Man, am I ever glad I used Rustoleum Marine paint on my canoe. It sure did save me a lot of emotional wear and tear.
  7. Michael Grace

    Michael Grace Lifetime Member

    That last line cracked me up! Literally laughing out loud! And I love the "speak your peace" quote... I'm going to have to remember that.

    Thanks for the laugh!
  8. victorw

    victorw Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    You're a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.

    I still maintain that people should be like their canoes.

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