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Planking (or is it Plank?) gauge source

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by Gliddenwoods, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Gliddenwoods

    Gliddenwoods Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Where can I purchase a Planking/Plank gauge?

  2. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    Make your own ...
  3. OP

    Gliddenwoods Curious about Wooden Canoes

  4. martin ferwerda

    martin ferwerda LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Try doing a search engine search on hemming clips, with some minor tweaks, bends, it should work as a planking gauge.
  5. Rob Stevens

    Rob Stevens Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    Hmm, I am not clear on what you are asking.
    Are you asking about width or thickness?
    If you are milling your own, your thickness planer will tell you the dimension.
    Use calipers?

    Spiling gauge for width and relative location?
    Make your own (as suggested by Dan Miller above).
    It is simple to bend over some sheet metal, similar to the hemming clips suggested above, but with an "L" shaped notch to locate a pencil to draw a line as you pull the gauge along the plank.
    The tabbed portion is on the outside, while the flat part rides along the side of the plank above.
    Didn't find a photo on the interweb, so went to dig one out.
    In this photo, the gauge is upside down compared to orientation when in use.

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  6. MGC

    MGC Scrapmaker

    For marking the gore? As has been suggested, make one.

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  7. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    Here are some of mine. The gore scribing gauge is just a piece of folded over galvanized steel (leftover banding from a mold construction). One side has a lip folded over to ride on the plank, the other a notch for the pencil. The chunk of broomstick acts as a handle (it's optional).

    The other wooden gauges are for scribing the sheer plank. The one that is sort of U-shaped is to ride over ribs that are proud of the gunwale (I don't flush cut until the outwales are installed.


  8. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

  9. OP

    Gliddenwoods Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Thanks to all for suggestions & examples.
    Working a restoration project of a very rough Thompson canoe.
    First wood & canvas restoration project after constructing a strip kayak & a strip canoe.
  10. Rollin Thurlow

    Rollin Thurlow member since 1980

    Its not that I don't want to sell another fine brass planking gauge or to discourage anyone from making their own but for the far majority of restoration projects, a planking gauge is not needed.
    For shaping the planking, its a simple process of holding the new planking in its proper position and tracing off the shape from inside the canoe. Its good to use a light pencil line when doing the tracing because any dark heavy line will be seen on the inside of the planking.
  11. Andre Cloutier

    Andre Cloutier Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.

    I am currently searching for a source of cheap, easily available brass in order to make planking gauges as i suspect at $18 Rollin is trying to retire, and my thoughts are he should be kept working and hence a source of info as i seek to deprive him of the premium on this product.
  12. Rollin Thurlow

    Rollin Thurlow member since 1980

    Is there a price war challenge?
    Planking gauge,; A proven historic traditional design passed down from generations of talented Maine wooden canoe builders. Hand made by a wooden canoe specialist; Non corrosive, U.S. grade,18 gauge American brass; custom made for the discriminating wooden canoe builder who appreciates fine American craftsmanship in their tools, available for either the left or right handed user. Never needs a battery, works at 100% capacity in either harsh sunlight or low light or even in inverted positions. Reversible, shockproof, waterproof and damage resistant. Available to WCHA members for the low price of $18. Xmas is coming!
    Not a bad deal for the price of a movie ticket!

    That is all said in fun... The gauge is not a complicate tool and I would encourage anyone to make there own, but if not, I can make one for you!
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  13. chris pearson

    chris pearson Michigan Canoe Nut

    Leave it to you Rollin to claim this device as something that Americans would exclusively own its conception. Sorry Andre, Rollin can at times be a bit “pompous “as most of us Americans can be from time to time.
  14. Andre Cloutier

    Andre Cloutier Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.

    Never found him to be anything but genial and forthcoming, as his description above amply demonstrates.
  15. shelldrake

    shelldrake LOVES Wooden Canoes

    I have one of Rollin's gauges. A prized possession!
  16. Dave Osborn

    Dave Osborn LIFE MEMBER

    I, too have some prized tools from Rollin.
    A hammer, a clinching iron, and a planking gauge....all bought, paid for and blessed by Rollin in 1999.
    When Ferdy and I are in the shop and I ask him to hand me the hammer he replies, “ do you want the one blessed by Rollin Thurlow?”
  17. David Satter

    David Satter LOVES Wooden Canoes

    I purchased a lot of my tools from Rollin years ago. I have his planking guage , since I mostly do canoe restorations here, I've actually never used it. But I'm not giving it up. but if someone really wants it I could let it go for $19 + shipping
  18. MGC

    MGC Scrapmaker

    So...trying not to brag but I guess it's time for me to admit to being gifted with the skills of "the Art".
    In my spare time I practice Alchemy.
    For a very limited time I am offering to convert WCHA members canoe building tools (only those from Rollins shop or possibly one of WW's personal hammers) into precious metal.
    You may chose to have your tools transformed into either gold, silver or platinum. Be sure to specify your preference.
    If you are interested in this one time free service please PM me. I will send you directions for where to send your tools.
    I will return them to you as soon as they are transformed.
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  19. Andre Cloutier

    Andre Cloutier Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.

    In my spare time I practice Alchemy. Its true, below is a rare woodcut of Mike preparing varnish, as he adds UV inhibitors whilst in his workshop.

  20. MGC

    MGC Scrapmaker

    Hmmmph...I thought I had that shop cam disabled.

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