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Peterborough Model 70 Serial 7709 Cedar Board

Discussion in 'Traditional All-Wood Construction' started by Doug, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Doug

    Doug Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Hi folks; Re starting an old discussion; since I have retired
    Have a 16 ft. Open Peterborough " Flush Batten " canoe with solid Aluminum cutter stems, ( Bow and stern ) Three Original thwarts, 2 of which are adjustable. Has original stern deck and although bow deck is not present the parts are available for templates. One original kneeling board present . It is three boards to a side. Plan to restore it.
    1. Looking to try to be more specific on date than 1920 plus or minis 15? years. I see old listings from a catalogue from 1929 and another from the "Ontario Canoe Company ' from 1892 but it is the same number but Basswood and does not mention the cast Aluminum stems

    2.Looking for pictures of the support brackets for the bow deck, and the coaming surround for the bow deck
    3 any ideas on the 2 notched
    4. see attached pictures more to follow

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  2. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    I just checked my catalog collection, and can put the model 70 being offered in 1914 and 1921. No mention of the cast stems. Note that this racing canoe (single and tandem) was offered for many other years (at least through 1938), without indication of the model number in the catalog, nor mention of cast stems.

    If you plan to paddle this canoe, I recommend an equally sized wad of tobacco in each cheek. Otherwise, plan on swimming :eek:
  3. OP

    Doug Curious about Wooden Canoes

    I have one page of an old photocopy of a catalogue which says 1929 ( in pencil) page 15 mentions price as $98 decks and thwarts $4 each , Adjustable thwarts $3 each, and aluminum stems $5 each . I think it was sent to me in the early 19 90s by Gerry Stephenson. So this would have been a special order. From a friends visit at the Peterborough Museum he saw some similar but none with the solid Aluminum cutters.
    we put the canoe on a scale this weekend it was 38 LBs so when restored I would think less than 44 lbs.
  4. OP

    Doug Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Still looking for photos and description of the way the front deck was supported and the coaming ( ? spell ) details. for this style Peterborough racing canoe Not sure if there was a rear deck coaming as well.
  5. OP

    Doug Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Any one with pictures details of the front deck It is raised and angles like a Pup tent/ arrow slanting towards the bow. A review of pictures at Perterborough canoe museum dont see anything similar. any helpful pictures would be appreciated. This is essentially the only part of the canoe which needs replacement.

  6. Feathers

    Feathers LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Hey Doug, I was just doing some searches on Model 70's (as I have one) and came across this post. I don't follow the boards regularly and so missed this. Mine has both front and rear decks. Mine looks similar to yours but there are some noticeable differences too. There may be differences because of when they were built? Mine is serial number 3955. If you still are looking for photos let me know and I'll help you out.

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