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New, newbie, new

Discussion in 'Guestbook' started by kanutripr, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. kanutripr

    kanutripr New Member

    Hello all.

    I am crazy. How do I know? Because my boyfriend says so!

    I love canoes. I have ALWAYS loved canoes. As long as I can remember. Currently I own two. Both Kevlar. The horror! I know. Lol. One of them has to go. My plan is to sell my 16'er and replace it. That's why I'm here. I've always loved wood canvas but previously it was impractical. Now? Well strangely enough as I have gotten older, and canoes have gotten heavier (lol), I think I'm in the market. And I definitely have more time for the maintenance.:)

    So here I am. I've been studiously doing my research and am hoping to pick some brains on the way. :)

    Oh and I'm sorry about the avatar pic. I hope to have something more beautiful to replace it with soon.

    Cheers everyone!
  2. Benson Gray

    Benson Gray Canoe History Enthusiast Staff Member

  3. OP

    kanutripr New Member

    Thank you Benson.

    I am currently looking. Hoping for something that is useable with good solid wood but may need canvas replaced in the near future. That would definitely be in my budget. :)

    With that in mind I have seen two that look quite good in pictures. One, a 16' Chestnut, the other a 16' Tremblay. I haven't found a lot of info yet about Tremblays but will be asking. :)

    I love your avatar Benson. Beautiful canoe!
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  4. Andre Cloutier

    Andre Cloutier Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.

    buy the Chestnut, avoid the Tremblay.
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  5. Pook

    Pook Chestnut Canoe fan

    Welcome aboard, Kanu!

    Well, if it is love of wooden canoes that allows you to be described as crazy, I think there are more than a few of us that fall into that category!
    And I have the same issue convincing my family that a 60 year old 80lb wooden relic makes more sense than the newest super light kevlar model...especially when portaging in Algonquin Park.

    You are in the right place. And amongst like minded people.

    To add to Andre's comment above, though Chestnuts vary greatly depending upon model and year of construction, they are consistently good canoes. Tremblay's were well made but often covered in vinyl which rotted the complete canoe eventually.

    Buy the Chestnut!

  6. Michael Grace

    Michael Grace Lifetime Member

    Welcome (again). You've certainly come to the right place for information and advice. Please feel free to ask questions of any kind. This is a friendly group, always willing to help. If you haven't already done so, consider joining the WCHA ( Among other benefits, our magazine - Wooden Canoe - is another great resource providing information and inspiration. You may also wish to reach out to WCHA members in your area for advice, help and friendly get-togethers. See

    You're in for a fun time,
  7. OP

    kanutripr New Member

    Thank you everyone! I am already enjoying the forum.

    Andre, the Tremblay is gone. Problem solved. Lol

    Pook, I love canoeing! My 14' Kevlar will still have a home for solo backcountry trips but the beauty and history and strength of the w/c makes some of the pain worth it. Lol I know he's thinking of the weight and I'm sure he's thinking 'why'd she spend all that money on that light canoe just to turn around and want a heavy one?' Oh and the small collection of fly rods...and casting rods..and maybe a couple of tenkara rods...ok, so 4 of those too. ;) I think he doesn't figure I can stop at just one. :) Also he does NOT share a love of canoeing. In fairness he almost drown twice. Both times from canoes.

    I did go to check the barn I had planned to store my canoes in. It was certainly dry enough. Problem is it hasn't been used in 20 years and has become overgrown and quite wild around it. Chewing critters have taken up residence. Read raccoons and possibly possums. I don't think it's a good storage option. :( I think I'm temporarily grounded until I figure out a suitable solution. I won't give up though. Just temporarily sidelined. :)
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