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Introduction - Northern VA

Discussion in 'Guestbook' started by Dave Diefenderfer, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Dave Diefenderfer

    Dave Diefenderfer Wooden boat addict

    I wanted to introduce myself....

    Dave Diefenderfer from Manassas, VA. I have been involved with wooden boats for a few years now, having just completed a refurbishment of a ~1930s Barnegat Bay Sneakbox, including building a new sail rig (spars, dagger, rudder and tiller). Hope to sail it later this week for the first time. I have hunted it the past couple duck seasons with a push pole, oars, and outboard.

    After the BBSB I completed the restoration of a Lake Erie - John Kalash layout boat, also for duck hunting. This has been floated, but not yet hunted.

    Somewhere in the past couple years, I found a Maine built cedar canoe on CL. That is next due to move into the boat shop for restoration. This is anticipated as a simple restoration...the gunnels are dry, cracked, and splintered. The decks are rotted, but the rest of the cedar looks very good with the exception of the thwart that was chewed by chipmonks. The challenge will be to make the new repairs blend in with the beautiful patina of the original. Plan to use ash for the thwart and inner and outer gunnels and likely some mahogany for the decks which are flush... I plan to incorporate a handle into the decks for a little upgrade. It is a very light canoe, likely around 35lbs or so. I'll weigh it before and after I do my work on it. It is glassed, and was since new as I bought it from the original owner who had it built. The glass needs to be sanded and slightly patched where it has worn, and then a new coat of paint to pretty her up.

    Anyway, love anything wooden that floats... so look forward to the collective wisdom of the site.

  2. shelldrake

    shelldrake LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Welcome Dave. I think I recognize your name from over on

  3. OP
    Dave Diefenderfer

    Dave Diefenderfer Wooden boat addict

    Yes Matt, one and the same...not a name that gets confused too often!

    Dave Diefenderfer

    “If you set out to build a boat, throw away your square. And if you work on her after she’s launched, throw away your level.” - author unknown
  4. shelldrake

    shelldrake LOVES Wooden Canoes


    PM sent........

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