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Information needed on my grandfather's old canoe

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by bribjork, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Dave Wermuth

    Dave Wermuth Who hid my paddle?

    Dan, it's short for facebook. You know what that is, right? =--]
  2. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    I suppose. But I don't go there. Regrettably (at least in my mind), it has drawn away a lot of folks who used to post here.

    Oh, well.
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  3. Dan Lindberg

    Dan Lindberg Ex Wood Hoarder

    Dave, Is this a fresh restore or is it from some previous time?

    I was thinking you just finished it.
  4. Dave Wermuth

    Dave Wermuth Who hid my paddle?

    Hi Dan L. I finished it last summer. It took awhile. And, yes, Dan M. FB seems to have lured us away. I'm trending back.

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