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Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by PrairieSmoke, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. PrairieSmoke

    PrairieSmoke New Member

    Hello Paddlers..

    I am looking for any information to be found on the Jamestown Specialty Company.
    They started out in Jamestown, Pennsylvania in the 1920's moved to Greenville and finally located in Titusville, Penna. I think in 1935.
    The company sold both canoes and kayaks assembled and also as kits, wood and canvas. They was the official canoe/kayak of BSA until they closed due to WWII.
    I would appreciate any info. I saw albeit too late there was a listing on Ebay for a flier from the 1920's. By the time I found it had been removed.
    I really would like to see it if possible. Hopefully someone here may have been the lucky bidder there. Hope to hear some 411 soon.. Be well
  2. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    I have scans from a circa 1939 catalog that could be made available... see attached image of front cover.


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  3. OP

    PrairieSmoke New Member

    Dan! HEY I know them.. Lets talk...Tonight if possible..Mike
  4. Andi

    Andi New Member

    I have information regarding the Jamestown Specialty Company. Please contact me at ( I live in Jamestown and belong to the Historical Society) I am also looking FOR information you may have!!
  5. mmmalmberg

    mmmalmberg LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Close to ground zero for my family - my grandparents lived in Greenville, where my parents grew up and married, and the canoe I'm restoring - my grampa's - was used up at Pymatuning "Pymy" and we often drove by "Jimtown" one the way there. I remember the boat store there but that's about it for Jamestown. Maybe something about a house on the right with an iron fence, some historical significance. All of that in the 50's and 60's and of no use to you but nice just to hear the names of those towns:)
  6. Andi

    Andi New Member

    You’re referring to the ( famous) Mark Twain Manor ( supposedly he stayed there)...... yes there was a gentleman by name of Carl Rauschenberg who owned Jamestown SpecialtyCompany, he built collapsible canoes and kayaks in the 1920s/1930’s , he lived on North Second Street in Greenville... eventually he moved ( and his business) to Titusville, died there in his late 40s, leaving five children .....
    more to the story .... he was an interesting character... yes I love Jamestown ( Jimtown ) and amazing involved on Council, Historical Society, a Friends of the Mark Twain Manor group and the local Cemetery Board. Our town is quiet But busier in the summer with a Pymatuning traffic! Much kayak/canoe travel on the Shenango River which runs from the Pymatuning through Jamestown to Greenville and beyond...... thanks for sharing your memory and thoughts!
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  7. mmmalmberg

    mmmalmberg LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Grew up sailing Pymy in a centerboard boat my dad built. Welcome to the group!
  8. mmmalmberg

    mmmalmberg LOVES Wooden Canoes

    More Jimtown/Pymy for you PrairieSmoke and Andi - found this plate in a cabinet:) IMG_7611.JPG

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