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Finish Washers

Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by charvey, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. charvey

    charvey Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    Has anyone tried to remove the nickel plating from finish washers? Found these on ebay...put they are nickel plated. A simple electrified sulfuric acid dunk tank should take this plating right off. Right? Any thoughts?

  2. OP

    charvey Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    Forgot to add that these finish washers are advertised as nickel plated brass.
  3. Dave Osborn

    Dave Osborn LIFE MEMBER

    I’ve had the same thought... strip the nickel, then tumble bright.
  4. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    Not sure about nickel, but it is easy to strip zinc plating with citric acid.
  5. Fitz

    Fitz Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    You can make your own finish washers. A friend made this jig for me. You stick a brass washer in it and give it a good whack.

    Finish washer maker.jpg
  6. OP

    charvey Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    I really like the die punch, something definitely worth considering fabricating. I'm going to take a shot at the nickel plated brass washers (size 6,8, and 10) on ebay. They are relatively cheap per 100 and since I've messed with electrolysis plating removal before, I'm not too worried about the process to strip the plating. I imagine I'll have to experiment one washer at a time until I get it perfected. I"ll post the results in a few weeks.
  7. Todd Bradshaw

    Todd Bradshaw Sailmaker

  8. 1905Gerrish

    1905Gerrish LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Maybe I missed something here. Why not just purchase brass finish washers?
  9. OP

    charvey Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    Just to clarify. Please refer to the pictured photo as the finish washer in question which lays flat into a counter bored screw hole, it is not a conical washer protruding above the board surface. The conical protruding washers are quite common, the flat finish washers are not. If there is a source for the washer as pictured above, please share your source as I am looking for 100+ in size 8 and 10.
  10. Todd Bradshaw

    Todd Bradshaw Sailmaker

    These are sometimes known as "flush finish washers" or in some cases "countersunk washers". There are also a couple types of them, the basic stamped sheet metal kind, like the photo above, and a straight-sided, insert type. If you are looking for them in quantity, you might check with these guys to see if they would make you a box of plain brass stamped ones. It sounds like they will do reasonably small orders and it sure would beat having to un-plate them yourself.

    Lee Valley has the insert type, which are interesting (but pricey) and which might be good for things like thwart bolts, but they probably aren't the kind you are looking for at the moment. I wouldn't mind having a few in the tool box though. It looks like something that could be pretty handy to have on hand at times.,41306,41316
  11. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    I just remembered I purchased some of the proper Old Town-style cup washers from Jerry Stelmok at Assembly a couple years ago. Betcha he still offers them.
  12. MGC

    MGC Paddlephile

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