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Family Heirloom, Help with Identification?

Discussion in 'Research and History' started by Sam McGinley, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. OP
    Sam McGinley

    Sam McGinley Curious about Wooden Canoes


    I was curious about that. If that's the case, would the stem even need to be removed from the boat? Or just leave it tacked in place, fill the gaps with thickened epoxy resin, and scarf new wood to replace any rot on the topside under the gunwale tips?
  2. Dave Osborn

    Dave Osborn LIFE MEMBER

    No need to remove the whole stem if there is rot in the tip. Just remove a plank or two to give you access to saw and replace the rot with new wood.
  3. Benson Gray

    Benson Gray Canoe History Enthusiast Staff Member

  4. chris pearson

    chris pearson Michigan Canoe Nut

    Very restorable...
  5. OP
    Sam McGinley

    Sam McGinley Curious about Wooden Canoes

    It turns out that Michael Grace doesn't live that far from me and has taken over the restoration. I consider myself very lucky, as his knowledge and skills will give this boat the love and care it deserves. I'll keep everyone updated with pictures at the major stages.
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  6. pklonowski

    pklonowski Unrepentant Canoeist

    Your canoe is in a great pair of hands!
  7. Michael Grace

    Michael Grace Lifetime Member

    Thank you for your kind words, Paul. It's a pleasure working with Sam. He's so passionate about his canoe and he plans to continue building on a rich family history with it. The Kingfisher is a lovely little square stern and this one, as was said before, is very restoreable.


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