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    Acquired this beaut at an estate sale and would love to know how rare she may be and wether or not I have something that's run of the mill or out of this world. Its easily identifiable and in what I would think is in amazing condition for having sat in storage since 1969. Looking to sell to someone who would bring her back to original. The ID plate shows #103173 Kennebec Canoe Company. She is documented. I'm trying to download pics but files are too large. Working on it. You can however see photos I've posted on eBay. Thanks everyone
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    Your Kennebec canoe at is closer to the 'run of the mill' end of that range. The information at indicates that nearly 30,000 Kennebec serial numbers were issued originally and about 200 of them are known to still exist. There are relatively few people searching for one so a bidding war isn't likely to erupt any time soon. Your pricing seems very optimistic. The information at and may help. The original request for information about this canoe is available at if anyone else is curious. Good luck with the auction,

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